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  • Why did the bookstore not buy back my book?
      We buy as many books from students as we can, but we only buy what we will be using the following term and what is in demand with the used book wholesaler that we buy for. If the book is an old edition, not being used next term, or not in demand in the used book market, we do not buy it. The other possibility is that we were buying the book, but we reached our quota and we no longer need more of that same title. You can try back another term, or you can try to sell it directly to another student via the online ASWOU Book Exchange (look for the link at the bottom left of the Portal Homepage).
  • Why did the bookstore buy my book for such a low price?
      When we buy a book to use again in the store, we usually offer 50% of retail unless you do not have your I.D. and receipt as proof of purchase. Without a receipt, we will offer about 33% of retail. The other possibility is that we bought your book for a used book wholesaler and not for us. In that case, the wholesaler sets the prices, which are national wholesale values and usually a smaller percentage of what you paid.
  • When is the best time to sell books back to the bookstore?
      We open buyback during the last two weeks of every term. Because we have quotas and buy just the number of books we need, it is best to come earlier in this two-week window than later.
  • Why do I need my receipt for 50% buyback?
      Having your receipt shows us that you purchased your book here, and we offer the 50% buyback service as a “thank you” to our loyal customers who are choosing to support us and the university by purchasing here. Without a receipt we pay about 33% if we are, indeed, buying the book for use here on campus.

Returns / Refunds
  • I returned an item or textbook over a week ago. Why is there no credit on my account yet?
      Credits for returns and exchanges can take up to 7-10 business days to process. After we apply the credit to your card, the card-issuing bank can take several weeks to apply this credit to your account. This policy will be specific to your card-issuing bank, so please inquire with your banking institution with concerns about delayed credits.
  • Why was I unable to return my item?
      Most items can be returned for a refund within 30 days if they are unopened and in resalable condition (See our Returns Policy). Certain items, however, have restrictions on returns or are excluded from returns all together (see below). We do our best to communicate to customers about these restrictions with signage, labels, and verbal reminders, but we understand it may still come as a surprise.
      1. The following items are non-returnable: Art paper, clearance items, reference books (i.e. dictionaries, study books, etc.), and food items.
      2. Headphones/Earbuds – Non-returnable if opened
      3. General books – Non-returnable after seven days
  • I don’t have my receipt, but I really need to return the item I bought. Can I?
      A receipt is required for a return, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Come to the Customer Service area, and we may be able to help.

  • I am getting emails about a fee. Have I been charged?
      If it is before the due date for rentals (the last day of Finals Week), then you are not being charged. Most likely, what you are viewing is an automated email reminder to turn your rental in by the deadline, or else a fee will be charged to your account. Be sure to turn your rental in on time and you will be good to go! Rentals can be returned to the Buyback and Returns Window.
  • I already turned in my rental(s), but I am still getting reminder emails. Did I miss something?
      Our online store system sends out automated emails to all rental customers until rental returns have been fully processed in our system. For various reasons, it can take a few weeks for rentals to be fully processed. Don’t worry! If you turned in your rental(s), you should be good to go.
  • The term is over and I have already turned in my rental(s), but I just got an email saying I have been fined! What is this about?
      Please call us (503-838-8300) or visit us in Customer Service if this is the case. It is possible there was a computing or system mistake somewhere on our end, and we will work to get it rectified right away! Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • I haven't received my financial aid yet--how can I purchase books and school supplies?
      The University is now offering up a Bookstore Voucher program. To see if you're eligible, read here!
  • Why do I have to wait so long before buying books if they are already on the shelf and listed on the website?
      We understand it seems strange to have to wait when the book you may want is already in our store. On our end, though, we have to make sure the books are in our system correctly, ringing up at the correct prices, labeled and placed on the shelf correctly, and listed as rentals if they are indeed rentals. This process takes time for the approximately 700 different titles we manage. Thank you for you patience!
  • It’s later in the term, and my books aren’t on the shelf anymore. Are they gone?
      Check with us in Customer Service, and we can help you out! There are various possibilities: 1) We could have moved the book to the warehouse, in which case you can check in Customer Service to retrieve a copy; 2) The book could have sold out, in which case we can special order a copy in for you at no additional cost; 3) We could have returned the textbooks to a vendor to meet our return deadline, in which case we can also special order a copy in for you at no additional cost.
  • There’s a shelf tag for my class, but no books on the shelf. What do I do?
      Check with us in Customer Service, and we can help you out! It may be that the book has not arrived yet, or that the book has sold out. In case of the latter, let us know, and we can special order it in at no additional cost.
  • There isn't a shelf tag for my class. What does this mean?
      Your professor may not have placed a book order through the Bookstore, so you may have to find the book using alternate means. If you have any questions, swing by Customer Service, and we will be happy to help!


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