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Faculty - Important Reminders

Ordering Deadlines
Having textbook orders in by the deadline allows us to buy more books back from students, have more rentals, avoid costly returns and reorders, and order more used books from our wholesalers—all things that keep costs down for students. Please turn in your orders by the deadline each term!

Please email your completed textbook order form to Sarah Crockett.

Fall May 15
Winter October 15
Spring January 15
Summer April 15

Reusing a Text
If you are using a book every other term (e.g. Fall and Spring terms), please notify our Textbook Buyer, Sarah Crockett. That way, we can keep our stock on hand and buy more books back from students, avoiding costly returns and reorders of the text. Please note that when editions become outdated, we cannot keep the old edition for later use.

Keeping Text Costs Down
Ask us about the retail price(s) of the book(s) you are requiring. Retail is usually quite different than what is found on the internet or what you hear from a sales rep. We can help you find a less expensive version (paperback, loose leaf, etc.) if you are interested. Regarding “bundles,” are you using all the supplemental materials? If not, it might be cheaper to offer the resources separately.

Open Communication
We are here for you and your students! Please contact us with any questions, doubts, changes, or concerns. We understand that teaching assignments change, often at the last minute. The sooner we know about changes, the better. Keeping the lines of communication open gives us the opportunity to meet our mission of having books ready on or before the first day of classes. We appreciate your partnership in this! We are happy to assist in recommending editions and versions, reminding you what texts you used in previous terms, providing sales rep contact information, etc.

Special Services We Offer

Custom Packets/Booklets
These are printed here on campus and are approximately 5 cents/page, unless you need special binding or color.

Custom Textbooks
We can order custom textbooks that cover only what you need in class. This is cheaper for everyone, though it takes longer to get the text and we can’t return as many. This option is especially a good deal if you plan on reusing the text in future classes.

We can send and receive personal and business faxes from our Customer Service area for $1/every 3 pages. Our fax number is 503-838-8669.

Ink Refills
Bring your empty cartridges to our drop-off point and have a refilled cartridge within a few days!

Special Ordering Books
If there is a particular resource you are desiring to purchase, we can special order it to arrive here at the store at no additional cost to you. Special orders usually take only a couple of days to arrive, but it can take up to a week if the book is coming from a distant warehouse. To place an order, call us at 503-838-8300, email us, or swing by our Customer Service area in the bookstore. If you have the ISBN of the resource you want, please let us know. Otherwise, we will need the title, author, and edition, if applicable.

Special Ordering Office or Art Supplies
Is there a particular item you are looking to purchase for classes or personal use that we do not have in the store? Contact our Art and Office Supply Buyer, Debby Burnham, to learn about options for special ordering what you need.

Textbook Buyback for Students
During the last couple weeks of each term, we open our Buyback Window to purchase textbooks back from students. Unfortunately, buyback is not guaranteed. (See our Textbook Policies page for details.) Please note that we cannot purchase books from faculty.

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