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Rental Program


Welcome to WOU’s Textbook Rental Program


About the Program

The WOU Bookstore offers a Textbook Rental Program that provides students with a cost-effective and green way to get the textbook and course materials needed for their classes. By offering textbooks at rental prices that are significantly below the cost of retail, the program has saved WOU students over $1 million since 2010! All books that are rented eventually get returned and reused, keeping the whole program environmentally friendly. Try out the Textbook Rental Program next time it’s time to buy books!

What is available to rent?

Each term, only certain textbooks are available for rent. If a textbook is rentable, it will list online with an option to rent and the correct rental price.

Besides textbooks, the WOU Bookstore also rents out TI-84 graphing calculators, response clickers, smart tablets, and 4GB wifi smart pens.

How do I know if a textbook is rentable?

Rental listings are updated to the website about a week after the books become visible for the term. If a textbook is rentable, it will list online with an option to rent and the correct rental price. If it is not rentable, that information will not be listed. If you are purchasing a book within the store, the shelf tag will say “Rental Available,” and you can choose to rent the book upon checking out.

Why isn’t my book rentable?

Unfortunately, not all textbooks are available to rent. This is because the WOU Bookstore purchases the rentable textbooks through a third-party vendor, and only limited titles are available.

Can I get a refund for what I rented?

Rentals follow the same refund schedule as regular textbooks. The first week of classes, a 100% refund is available. The second week of classes, an 80% refund is offered. After that, no refund is available.

When and where do I turn in rented items?

All rentals are due by the last day of the term they were rented, so the Friday of Finals Week. Please return them at the Buyback/Return Window of the WOU Bookstore, located by the North Entrance to the Werner University Center.

Rental Agreement

1. Rental textbooks must be returned in a clean and resalable condition on or before the rental due date (last day of finals). Do not write or highlight on the pages of a new rental or add additional writing or highlighting to a used rental.

2. Outstanding rental textbooks will be billed at the retail price if not returned by the rental due date (last day of finals).

3. The rental fee may be applied toward a purchase of the same retail title within the first two weeks of term.

4. Rental textbooks follow the same refund schedule as regular textbooks.

5. Outstanding rental textbooks and rental textbooks returned damaged and/or unusable will be charged to your Federal Title IV Financial Aid and/or your WOU Account.

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