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Please click here to view our Store Calendar for Buyback Dates!

Original sales receipt and photo ID are required for 50% buyback if the book is being purchased for next term, until quota is met. We offer this service as a 'thank you' to customers who purchase their texts at WOU Bookstore. Without a sales receipt, a lower purchase price will be offered if the book is being purchased for next term, until quota is met.

If the Bookstore is not buying a textbook, we also purchase for a used book company. The used book company sets the purchase price based on national market values.

WOU Bookstore reserves the right to amend the buyback qualifications or decline a buyback purchase.

As the bookstore buyback quotas and used book company quotas update, pricing information provide by the searches below is subject to change.

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Search for Buyback Information on Previous Purchases

If you have purchased textbooks through this site, please click this link to view which of your books are part of the current buyback list.

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